Winter Prep: How to look Hot in the Cold

It’s that time of year when our tans start to fade away and we ask the question “can you believe its winter already”?! We are right there with you! Well, that doesn’t mean we let ourselves go right? Here are few things to help keep you gorgeous and glowing through these colder months.


 #1- Make sure your skincare routine is on point.That’s why we call it a routine. You have to get into the habit of taking care of yourself! 10 years from now you will thank us- trust! The first thing we are going to say is: don’t sleep with your makeup on.There we said it. Cleansing your skin is so important so you can let it breath. Otherwise your makeup just sits on top clogs your pores, which eventually becomes an annoying zit in like the middle of your face where you can’t hide it. Ugh- cringe. We are loving Burt’s Bees Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin face cleanser for everyday/night and Molton-Brown face scrub once a week to maintain smoothness during the colder months.



#2- When it’s right, it’s right! And we want it to be. Wearing the right foundation can be life changing! Seriously, it can take 5 even 10 years off. We recommend the “Chest Test”. That means matching your foundation to your chest. All it entails is dabbing a dot of foundation to your chest to ensure it’s the correct color. Now, Although it won’t be the same color as your face that’s okay! It’s fine to go up a shade (or two). Also remembering to blend it in to your neck. When you face, neck and body are all one fluid color it truly gives the appearance of younger more radiant skin. Trust us on this one! We are loving Giorgio Armani’s foundation textures and they have a nice wide rage of shades, so you’ll for sure be able to find the right one for your skin tone.


#3- Balm dot com. You have to remember to apply lip balm. During these colder months your lips are the first thing to dry out and get chapped which is major no-no. Instead of spending your day licking and picking at them, get yourself into the habit of applying a heavy balm like Sisley Nutritive. You can also apply this around the nose area- another place that get really dry this time of year. If you want a little tint, we love Milk Makeup in Cherrybomb, it gives the perfect amount of color while still maintaining the moisture for your pout to stay perfect.