Go Shorty, It’s her Birthday…

We love nothing more than a fearless leader who literally takes beauty to the next level. That leader we speak of is our very own SHE-E-O Cara Santana, in honor of our beauty boss’s birthday we’ve put together a timeline of all of our favorite looks she’s rocked over the years as she spills the deets on why she loved them.
Undone Curls And Light Make up
This look was during NYFW and during the day. I think it’s so important to not over do your make up during the daylight. I hate showing off my freckles, but this look was all about being effortless. The fun loose curls and barely there make up, give you a very fresh feel. Sometimes less is really more.
Tight Bun/Bold Eye
This look was one of my favorites. I was accompanying my fiancé to an event for his TV show and I was conscious of making sure I looked the part of supportive partner, not overwhelming myself with too much. I think a smokey eye and nude lip is so elegant and their is nothing better then having you no fuss hair.” Ashley from The Glam App was the make up artist.
Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.23.17 PM
Blonde Up Do 
  “Going blonde was such a risk and I never would have done it with anyone other then Joey. It was such a departure for me and I absolutely loved the look and feel. I think there might be something to the old adage of blondes do have more fun. I felt much more sexy and cool and my style became less severe. I came straight from my Allure magazine shoot to this Golden Globe party and celeb stylists Kylee Heath (hair) and Kayleen McAdams (make up) did me a solid and got me ready for this evening.
Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.30.04 PM
One thing about me is, I love to experiment and take risks. Braids can often times be daunting at a certain age. However I thought this look was very elevated.  I was wearing Jonathan Smikai and the dress was very bold, so I knew I wanted to keep the make up light and the hair simple, but play up some edge. The look and feel really worked!
Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.30.10 PM
Low Pony 
Ponytails are so tricky and not always a good fit for me, but this low ponytail really created a very demure look that complement the bronzy make up. I was wearing Halston for the Santa Barbara Film Festival and wanted to create a modern red carpet moment that was elegant, but still youthful.
Bold Lip/Short Hair
 There is a time and a place for a bold lip and I went for it here. I love how fresh and understated the rest of the make up is and it draws the focus to the lip. I had just cut my hair short and was back in NYC for NYFW. This show was in the evening and I was comfortable going a bit more dramatic. I was wearing Christian Siriano and sitting at his show, and if anyone is about being bold- it’s him! I was in the perfect place for this look.
 Vegas Baby
When in Vegas, you really just go there. This was a full beat down, complete with contour and strobbing! The hair was severe and I definitely was channeling my inner J.Lo. There are few places I would go this full on, and Vegas is without a doubt one of them. Kimberly Ford make up, Esmerelda hair.