Each summer we come up against the same battle, how to look our hottest and beat the heat for date night. It can definitely be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be.


Switch out your heavier moisturizers for matte-balancing moisturizers we’ve been loving Mac Matte Cream  on the T-Zone or Image Skincare Prevention + Daily 3.2-ounce Matte Moisturizer. For touch-ups during the day, use an oil absorbing powder over the entire face, such as CLINIQUE Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder— think of it as an even more effective blotting paper.


Wear water-proof mascara such as FACE Water Resistant Mascara to make sure it doesn’t bleed down your face half way through your date. Also, we suggested to keep your pout kissable, keep the lip color in the nude family so your date wont be intimidated to give you a good night kiss.


For hair, now is the time to embrace a beachy wave and invest in a salt spray such as R and Co Rockaway Salt Spray. Spray on your end after your blow out and tousle it with your dryer for the perfect finish. The great part about starting off with messy hair is if it gets messier through the day it just gets better.

As always, when in doubt, hit up your beloved Glam App Stylist. We want you feeling glam, gorgeous and ready for whatever these summer love months will take you. We got you, Ladies!