The Glam App Academy 3: Presented by L’Oréal Paris

The Glam App Academy is an exclusive event offering our Artists opportunities to network with world renowned stylists, share tips and trends, and build clientele. The interactive, one of a kind experience hosted by Co Founder and Creative Director Joey Maalouf took place in Miami Florida and featured Celebrity Makeup Artist Sir John and Hairstylist Jonathan Colombini.

Cara Santana, Haylie Turnquest, Sir John, Kaylin Baer, & Joey Maalouf1


For all of us that ever wanted to know how to get Beyonce’s perfect glowing complexion, the new statement “boy brow” or social media worthy smokey eyes, Sir John opened up the vault and lets in on some of the techniques that have made him successful. We are so thankful we got to learn the skills of this makeup master he is kind as he is talented- we got a first class pass on this one of a kind experience into the thought process that goes into creating his signature looks. Sir John’s started off with a “Glowing” look on model Haylie Turnquest and ended with his signature smokey eye and pale pouty lips on model Kaylin Baer- saying both looks were GORGEOUS would be an understatement.

Haylie Turnquest & Sir John

The Master in action showing us his “invisible contouring” techniques. He applies the product from the back of his hand and seamlessly buffs it into the skin, creating a 3-dimensional sun-kissed look. What we learn: Less product, less work and blend until you have a flawless finish. He finished off the look using a cream highlighter and a minimal application to give the skin a golden beachy look.

Sir John & Kaylin Baer

The key to getting the perfect “boy brow”? Wig glue! So many tricks that take the artistry of makeup to another level. Sir John fills in the brows using a brow pencil a couple shade lighter than the natural brow color. Next, he applies wig glue using a clean brow brush, brushing the brows in an upward motion. Last, he takes a brow powder (in a darker color) to matte out the brows from any shine and volia the perfect boy brow.

“Spend time on brows, brows can be as much of a statement as a red lip!”- Sir John

Cara Santana, Jonathan Colombini, & Joey Maalouf


Jonathan Colombini, Hair Extraordinaire showed our Academy attendees his techniques on the ultimate red carpet glamour hair and a unique yet effortless half up look using hair accessories. Jonathan’s bright spirit had us laughing, smiling and reminded all our artist to create a fun work environment. For that we applaud our wonderful hair genius!


For the modern Red Carpet look, Jonathan  starting off emphasizing the importance of creating the proper “foundation,” noting not to be afraid to use product to craft the f texture and volume in order to achieve “second-day” hair texture. He then demoed how to do the perfect pin curls to have the hair looking voluminous and lasting all night long. The final product was deep side parted with tones of shape and volume, he pinned one side behind the ear and added a touch of sparkle using a rhinestoned geometric clip.


Inspired by Khloé Kardashian, Jonathans next look is a straight half-up half-down topknot. His first step to accomplish this look is sectioning off the hair, starting at the top of the ear to the crown of the head. By doing so, he helps to create an elongating facial effect. He focuses on the grain of the hair, ensuring that it is all going in the same direction. He then takes this half-up half-down ponytail and begins to fishtail braid it (a normal braid works too). Once the braid is finished, he pulls it apart and wraps it on the crown of the head, in the shape of a tiny crown, creating a hollow center. Jonathan then incorporates extensions from The Hair Shop to create the effect of full, thick hair. He finalized his look with a Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel bun cuff, creating the perfect summertime look!

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