The harsh winter weather can take its toll in ways that, quite simply, just isn’t cute. It’s important to maintain your skin’s balance by keeping it protected and hydrated, as the elements can crack our delicate cuticles, and zap the moisture from the face and body. Stay glammed by protecting your skin from brutal wind and the fierce frost (and not the good kind of fierce) but taking some simple steps so you don’t fall victim to winter’s vortex. During this season, we like to switch up a cleanser to something that offers more nourishment to the skin without stripping it of the necessary oils that maintain a healthy complexion. Our faves are Origins Checks and BalancesSkyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash, and Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing—great for removing makeup, leaving the skin feeling soft and ready for proper hydration. Follow with a moisturizer that will protect the skin all day, but won’t feel too heavy under makeup, such as Clinique CX Soothing MoisturiserPerricone Md, Face Finishing, or Shiseido Refining. The delicate skin around the eye area shouldn’t be ignored, of course. Eye creams such as Lancome Genifique Eye Youth or BABOR Reactivating Eye Cream will safeguard against the harsh elements while offering anti-aging properties and necessary nutrients. Keep hands and cuticles in perfect condition, our go-to products are Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Handcream or No Lift Cuticle Oil to avoid cracking and dryness. When all else fails, make sure to consult with your Glam App stylist during your next appointment to make sure your routine is the perfect one for you—a cold climate can be a drag, but your skin doesn’t have look like one!