We love Halloween for endless reasons… The intersection of autumn into winter, the weeks leading up to a day that brings about quirkiness and fun, and the uniqueness and beauty that otherwise are an afterthought during most holiday celebrations (we all know what the Easter Bunny or Santa is going to look like). We mulled it over at The Glam App, and as if Glenda the Good Witch graced us with her presence, we realized that it isn’t our day-to-day rituals of making your hair, makeup, and nails look as sharp and on point as possible day to day when you need us… We want to help you get creative even during a holiday that we can’t claim to be experts in, per-se (not to pat our own backs here, but we SO love Halloween. But when it comes to ultimate transformations for you, your entire family, or your squad that is about to own the town, we actually are. Elevate your Halloween evening, or evenings, and book our Glam App stylists to transform you and your cohorts into creatures of the night that are all the Glam Queens. Turn your gathering of witches into a coven of Glamazons. Opting for the zombie route? Let’s make it a legit living dead event that will have people questioning if the apocalypse has arrived. You know we’ve got your back with this, because watching YOU have fun makes our job fun. Book in advance for larger parties with the special request box so that our stylists are locked and loaded for whatever the Halloween spirits have in store for you! (And don’t forget to hashtag us your looks—we want to see what all our Glam Queens are stirring up this Halloween!)