Another season, another Fashion Week—our favorite and most coveted times of the year. Even though we treat every week like our own personal Fashion Week, as every Glam Queen should (and we know you do!), it’s never a bad idea to get that hair locked and loaded whether you’re on the runway or not. Besides, isn’t the world your own personal runway?! An easy start is a great blow dry. Have one of our Glam App stylist and experts to assist in getting your hair to prepped to blow out perfection. Next, let us work out what we are dying for right now: The Rich Girl Wave. Think of red carpet pros like our girls Chrissy Teigen, and runway veterans like Cara Delevingne (can she do any wrong, like, really?). A well-coiffed bun adds an element of glammed sophistication to any look. Classically tried and true, transform your locks into a perfectly done up bun and feel like you stepped out of your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s fantasy—you’ll feel put together and ready to take on any fashion moment that life throws your way. Finally, we’ve said it all year and we’ll say it again (and probably again, and again, and again): BRAIDS. A braid is on point, timeless, and one of the most no-fuss styles you can give your hair. With so many options on how to make the braid work in your favor, the possibilities are endless—let your Glam App stylist help hold your hand, and hair, and show you the way! When blow drying, use Volume Cream – Blowdry or Sculpting by: Sachajuan or Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer by: Davines to help protect your hair from the heat and give that desired healthy shine. When working that bun, opt for Caravan Large Tortoise Shell Crink Hair Pins to keep things in place. For braids, we love using Redken Water Wax 03 Shine Defining Pomade and John Masters Organics Hair Pomade to smooth our fly away strands, as well as give that healthy sheen. Glam Tip: to make your blow out last for up to week, follow some easy steps. First, use high thread count or satin sheets, throw out anything that feels like sand paper against your hair—no one needs to get roughed up in bed (in that way, at least!). Second, use a dry shampoo, preferably one such as Chi Dry Shampoo which will give volume and a matte finish to any excess oil production. Lastly, spritz a small amount of conditioning rose water such as Vanessa Megan Rose Water Spray to infuse nutrients into your strands, and apply a small amount of finishing cream to smooth out any fly aways. Rock those runways, Glam Queens!