Um, can we all pause for a moment and honor the beautiful creature that graces us on daily by KILLING IT on the red carpet: Bella Hadid. Yes, the Hadid clan are always lust worthy. They can wear trash bags and we’d be salivating as we rush to Target to re-up on our own stock of heavy duty bags. Miss Hadid gave us everything at The Cannes Film Festival. Her up-do was on point, and makeup was effortlessly natural (think Glam App’s Blushing Babe). She literally looked like she woke from a nap and was all, “Oh, I guess I’ll show up for a red carpet event today…Why not?” Le Sigh… Working that red carpet can be within your reach, too. Keep your hair in place by using a little Sexy Hair Style Rough & Ready Pomade and Karina Black Rubberized Bobby Pins for effortless, yet naturally flowing strands. Opt for 24-Hour Eye Shadow & Liner to give the eyes a pop, and Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer to add a classic shade, yet natural, to the lips. Gorgeous!